Beatrice1Beatrice is fascinated by all things left unwanted or underused and in  search for a new beginning.

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, with a master in environmental design, Beatrice was an urban designer for more than 25 years, mostly in the United States. Her work focused on derelict American industrial towns, inner city revitalization projects and building reuse, whether industrial or on Main Street.

She brings to her jewelry design the same perception, focusing on the transformation of an every day item into a creative design. Looking at food cans, she saw that the shapes, patterns, and colors were diverse and beautiful so they attracted her to reuse them.

Beatrice loves cooking from scratch but uses cans every week, defying the stereotype that all canned food is bad. Much of it is, in fact, very healthy and constitutes every day staples of her kitchen. Cans have always been reused to store things or for crafts and when taken out of one context and cut into smaller shapes, bent and pierced and put back together they can become something quite special.

And so the concept of up-cycled canned jewelry made from every day food cans emerged. Every part of a can may be used, from the tabs and cover, to the side, rims and bottoms and transformed into a one-of-a-kind adornment. Beatrice brings her own individuality to jewelry design exploration.

She now shares her time between France, the US and UK.

Après avoir obtenu son Master en Environmental Design au MIT, Boston, USA, Beatrice a pratiqué en tant qu’architecte urbaniste pendant 25 ans. Elle  est passionnée  par les environnements industriels et la réqualification urbaine, et elle garde de cette expérience un intérêt pour des objets de consommation délaissés et se préoccupe de leur insuffler une nouvelle vie. Elle partage maintenant son temps entre la France, les Etats-Unis et le Royaume Uni.

Elle aime cuisiner avec tout ce qui lui tombe sous la main, conserves inclues.  Ces boites lui offrent une possibilité infinie de récomposition,  de jeux de matières et de texture pour donner forme a ses créations. Beatrice utilise différentes techniques et sa créativité personnelle pour explorer le monde de la bijouterie.    

Portrait by Frank Brody

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  1. Brayle

    Très bonne idée pour faire du recyclage ; j’aime beaucoup le NE1
    Comme c’est du métal, n’y a-t-il pas de risque d’allergie?

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