Béatrice5For the moment Beatrice can be contacted via her gmail account here:


Please contact her or leave comments in the comment sections.

Thank you.


 Portrait by Frank Brody


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  1. Gwen McLean

    Hi Beatrice

    Your website is great, and the whole concept is really great from the name “canned jewelry” to the up-cycling. I think your designs are both beautiful, edgy, and will be popular with people who like to make a statement with what they are wearing and who are environmentally conscious. The only recommendation I have is to show more pictures of your jewelry being worn on models, but I do like the artsiness of the whole site and photographs, so I’m not suggesting you lose that. Maybe just add a few pictures with people wearing your designs. Best of luck to you with this project!

    • gwen,
      thank you for your comment . it is so useful. other friends are also responding with similar suggestions i will synthesize and make adjustment after vacation. we will send another email to all early september with improvements to the site. have a good summer. beatrice

    • Gwen,
      Thank you for your comments. on the website. It gives an opportunity to try the comment box.. Several people offered the same suggestions that is I should show the jewelry worn on models. I have acquired a Torso-mannequin and will reshot the jewelry. I will also replace the photo of my hand with a picture of myself wearing a set. This will be done toward end of summer are we about to leave for vacation. So expect to visit again toward end of august to early september. I am not ready for sale but I think later in the fall toward end of october i put some price tags.
      Thanks again

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