Canned Jewelry features the hand made contemporary jewelry and creations of Beatrice, a designer who incorporates cans with other recycled materials to conceive distinctive body ornaments.


Canned Jewelry expose les créations et la bijouterie artisanale de Beatrice, une artiste qui incorpore des boites de conserve et d’autres matières recyclées pour concevoir des bijoux et ornements  contemporains et uniques.

Beatrice developed her passion for upcycling cans recently and her website will evolve in the next few months. To “upcycle”:

To reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. -Oxford Dictionaries

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  1. june

    beatrice–I would like to see more of the pieces that you have made..the one that you show is beautiful.why could you not make the site at beatrice bazaar@ or some address that is easier to remember??

    • June,
      Thank you for your comments. Some good suggestions here i gathering all comments and then will figure out the most common and edit the website. I think I will reshot the pieces on a mannequin torso, I have one but my photographer, Ariel, is in vacation and will work on this when she returns end of August. I will show new pieces in September. For title i il like our idea may be i should have something like Beatrice Bazaar@canned Jewelry. I am working on a logo as well.
      Thank you

  2. Ginny

    Ariel did a great job with the main photo-very attractive. Good luck with this. Very exciting. Will keep checking in. Ginny

    • beverly toner

      Bertrice,You and Ariel did a good job with the website/ I would suggest a simple name like ” cutting edge jewelry”

  3. Christina B

    Great to see your imaginative work today. Some memorable details…milk-bottle feathers, bottle-opening jewel settings and colourful tuna can necklaces. I look forward to seeing how you develop your business and your art. I may be partial to “Cutting Edge Jewelry” too. Let’s discuss. Meanwhile, great job getting your lovely work into the blog space